Trial Class

$ 20.00

We are currently running a 1-for-1 promotion for new players! We know that taking up a new sport may be daunting for beginners, so grab a friend, fill in the form below and sign up now!

Format: DD-MM-YYYY
1-for-1 trial class promotion is only valid for these classes.
1-for-1 trial class promotion is only valid for these classes.
Terms and conditions here.
e.g. Selena Tan, 90001234
NA if not applicable

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1-for-1 Trial Class Promotion, terms & conditions of use:

  1. This promotion is valid till 31 Dec 2024.
  2. This promotion can only be used for our weekly Netball classes.
  3. Time slots and venues for trial classes are subject to availability. Our administrator will contact you via WhatsApp to confirm your slot for the trial.
  4. This promotion can only be used once per participant. 1-for-1 promotion cannot be used on the same participant twice (i.e. a second trial class). It can apply for either a friend or a sibling or a parent attending the trial.
  5. Trial classes need not be arranged on the same day, for cases where a parent and child are signing up for this promotion.
  6. This promotion is valid for new players only. Existing players do not qualify for this promotion.
  7. This promotion is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions here.

No. of Participants

1, 1-for-1