OS1st Calf Sleeve CS6

$ 59.95

The CS6 Calf Sleeves offer high performance compression benefits using Compression Zone Technology ®.

They provide precise medical grade graduated compression to enhance circulation and boost oxygen return. During exercise, our body produces lactic acid which CZT® helps to quickly remove from the muscles, hence reducing soreness, spasms and cramps. Think about how much shock and vibration is going through your legs as you pound with 3 times your body weight while running.

CZT® provides stabilizing support for the Achilles’ tendons and calf muscles which helps to reduce muscular vibration and fatigue, resulting in improved stamina and better performance. Also find prevention and relief from achilles tendonitis, shin splints and venous insufficiency.

Fits easily under socks and sportswear, CS6 creates total body comfort for fit, stabilization and active comfort.

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Size | Ankle Circumference | Calf Circumference

S | 17-22 cm | 24-37 cm

M | 22-27 cm | 30-43 cm

L | 24-32 cm | 35-48 cm

XL | 30-36 cm | 37-51 cm


The item is sold in a pair, comes only in black.


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S, M, L, XL