OS1st Bunion Relief Socks BR4

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S | US: M3-6 / W:4-7 | UK: 1-5 | EU 33-37

M | US: M6.5-9.5 / W:7.5-10 | UK: 5-8.5 | EU: 38-41

L | US: M10-13 / W10.5-plus | UK: 9-11 | EU: 41-43


The item is sold in a pair, comes only in black.


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BR4® Bunion Relief socks provide orthopedic support with Compression Zone Technology® to relieve pain and prevent the condition from worsening. BR4 offers protection and comfort for active people with bunions.

The split toe design and additional bunion pads prevent blisters and friction pain from rubbing footwear and misaligned toes. The socks provide excellent foot support and strengthens the foot structure. The changing levels of compression zones throughout each sock is what prevents injuries, increases your performance, and speeds up your recovery time.

The Compression Zone Technology® helps to fight the effects of gravity and increases the amount of deoxygenated blood and lactic acid being removed from the muscles, hence reducing aches and soreness. CZT® also helps to stabilize the muscles and joints which then decreases the amount of muscular vibration and fatigue, resulting in better overall stamina and performance. Hence, you are able to stand, walk or run for a longer duration without your feet getting tired easily.


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