Outreach Programme – Play Netball!

Welcome to The Netball Academy!

Thank you for coming on board our Outreach Programme.


With Netball being one of the premier sports for females young and old, it has become a welcoming and vibrant community of competitive and recreational players. Exposing students at a young age will enable them to pursue a healthy lifestyle and meaningful connections in the long run!


Our ultimate goal is to grow a bigger community of more girls who know Netball and play the sport!


Play Netball! aims to teach students the fundamentals of Netball. Students will learn fundamental Netball skills such as passing and catching, offering for the ball, and passing down the court. The session will be conducted by The Netball Academy team of dedicated and nurturing coaches. 


This programme will be offered free of charge to your daughter. An E-Certificate and a Comprehensive Assessment Profile will be given to your daughter. However, she must complete and attend all sessions. 

You may select more than one. If you have selected 'Others', please describe below.