Players aged 6 to 7

Game-based learning for young players


We focus on developing 7 fundamental movement skills: running, jumping, leaping, side-stepping, hopping, skipping and galloping.


Our goals:
Have fun. Keep fit. Enjoy Netball!


Players will aim to:

  1. Sprint in a straight line with proper stride and arm swing.
  2. Run with a change of direction.
  3. Jump with both feet off the ground.
  4. Balance on one leg.
  5. Transfer the ball from one hand to another.

Players aged 8 to 10

Laying a solid foundation


We focus on developing their fundamental skills taught and introduce some basic attacking and defensive strategies.


Our goals:
Prepare players for CCA selection in school and build confidence in basic skills. 


Players will aim to:

  1. Leap forward, execute 1-2 landing footwork and catch a ball.
  2. Run with a dodge and change in direction.
  3. Pivot on their dominant foot and execute a chest pass.
  4. Identify court lines and each position’s area of play.

Players aged 10 to 12

An Introduction to Netball


This carefully curated beginner’s Netball course will allow new players to understand the basic skills and rules to play the sport at an entry level. 


Players will be able to learn basic footwork, incorporating into their passes and understanding sufficient rules to play the game of Netball. This is also a learn-at-your-pace program. Once the player achieves the desired outcomes, she can choose to move into an Intermediate class.


Focus areas:

  1. Footwork: jumping, 1-2 landing, pivoting
  2. Ball handling, catching, passes (chest and shoulder)
  3. Netball rules (Part I)

Players aged 13 to 16

Developing thinking players


This program will build on the existing basic skills and allow intermediate players to expand their vision and understanding of the sport. Coaches will engage player’s critical thinking and encourage them to ask questions.

Players will also begin to utilise different strategies in their attacking and defensive plays.


Focus areas:

  1. Spatial awareness
  2. Attacking concepts
  3. Defending concepts
  4. Court strategies (Centre pass and downline)
  5. Netball rules (Part II)

Players aged 18 and above

Social Netball


This program seeks to give advanced players an opportunity to apply skills & strategies in a competitive/ recreational environment.

Players will be able to do peer learning and self-directed learning as the coach becomes a mentor and a facilitator to bring out the best in the players. Players are also expected to learn the values of teamwork and leadership.


Focus areas:

  1. Team drills
  2. Game play
  3. Attacking and defending concepts
  4. Umpiring