How The Netball Academy Revolutionises Netball Training

With Netball steadily gaining popularity in Singapore, the sports landscape has witnessed the emergence of dedicated schools. The Netball Academy (TNA) has positioned itself as a leading institution for enthusiasts. The surge in interest has prompted a greater understanding of the sport’s nuances, attracting individuals eager to master the game. This academy, distinguished for its comprehensive programs and skilled coaching staff, has become a hub for aspiring players seeking top-notch training. 

TNA stands out in Netball education, providing a nurturing environment for skill development and fostering a love for the game. To unravel the journey of Netball’s rise in Singapore and explore why this school is a prime choice for enthusiasts, read on and discover the exciting trajectory of this sport in the Lion City.

Why The Sport of Netball Requires Extensive Training

Mastering the sport of Netball demands extensive training due to its dynamic nature and multifaceted skill set. Unlike traditional team sports, Netball places specific demands on players, requiring proficiency in precise skills such as accurate passing, strategic positioning, and agile footwork. The game’s fast-paced and strategic elements necessitate a deep understanding of court dynamics, positioning, and teamwork.

Comprehensive training is crucial to build the necessary physical and mental attributes. Players must develop endurance, agility, and quick decision-making abilities to navigate the court effectively. In addition, strategic insight and team coordination play pivotal roles in achieving success in Netball.

A dedicated training regimen helps players refine their skills and synchronise seamlessly with teammates. The intricate rules and positions in Netball demand individual excellence and collective synergy. The commitment to extensive training lays the foundation for players to excel in Netball’s nuanced and dynamic environment, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges and intricacies of the game.

Crucial Skills The Netball Academy Teaches its Students

Students trying agility training

The Netball Academy (TNA)  is a beacon of comprehensive Netball education, instilling essential skills in its students that extend far beyond the court. With a meticulous curriculum catering to various age groups, the academy nurtures fundamental movement skills and basic Netball techniques and fosters critical thinking, strategic prowess, and teamwork.

Here are some of the skills you can learn at The Netball Academy (TNA): 

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills 

Our academy prioritises developing seven fundamental movement skills in young players: running, jumping, leaping, side-stepping, hopping, skipping, and galloping. This forms the foundation for their overall physical coordination and athleticism.

  1. Basic Netball Skills 

The academy focuses on laying a solid foundation by teaching fundamental Netball skills and introducing basic attacking and defensive strategies. This includes leaping forward, executing 1-2 landing footwork, catching a ball, running with a dodge and changing direction, and pivoting on their dominant foot.

  1. Introduction to Netball 

In the beginner’s course, students learn basic footwork, incorporate it into their passes, and gain an understanding of sufficient rules to play the sport. The emphasis is on gradual learning at the individual’s pace.

  1. Developing Thinking Players 

The program for players also focuses on skills, fostering critical thinking and expanding players’ vision of the sport. Coaches engage players in strategic concepts, enhancing both attacking and defensive plays.

  1. Social Netball Skills 

The program focuses on applying skills and strategies in a competitive or recreational setting. Players engage in peer and self-directed learning and gain insights into teamwork and leadership.

  1. Comprehensive Netball Skills 

The academy ensures a holistic approach, covering spatial awareness, advanced attacking and defending concepts, court strategies, and in-depth knowledge of Netball rules for players. This enables a well-rounded understanding of the game’s intricacies.

How TNA Approaches Netball Training

At The Netball Academy (TNA), each lesson is thoughtfully tailored to specific age groups, ensuring a targeted and engaging learning experience. By dividing players into age-appropriate categories, ranging from the foundational skills for the youngest participants to the strategic complexities for more advanced players, the academy creates an environment where individuals can thrive at their own pace.

Here’s how TNA approaches Netball Training

Game-Based Learning for Young Players (Ages 6 to 7)

  • Focus on developing seven fundamental movement skills.
  • Goals: Have fun, keep fit, and enjoy Netball.
  • Skill objectives include sprinting, running with a change of direction, jumping, balancing on one leg, and ball-handling.

Laying a Solid Foundation (Ages 8 to 10)

  • Emphasis on fundamental skills and introduction to basic attacking and defensive strategies.
  • Goals: Prepare players for CCA selection in school and build confidence in basic skills.
  • Skill objectives include leaping forward, executing 1-2 landing footwork, running with a dodge, pivoting, and understanding court lines.

An Introduction to Netball (Ages 10 to 12)

  • Carefully curated beginner’s course focusing on basic skills and rules.
  • Learn-at-your-pace program with a move to Intermediate class upon achieving desired outcomes.
  • Focus areas: Footwork (jumping, 1-2 landing, pivoting), ball handling, catching, passes (chest and shoulder), Netball rules (Part I).

Developing Thinking Players (Ages 13 to 16)

  • Build on existing basic skills and expand vision and understanding of the sport.
  • Coaches engage critical thinking and encourage questions.
  • Skill objectives include spatial awareness, attacking and defending concepts, court strategies (Centre pass and downline), and Netball rules (Part II).

Social Netball (Ages 18 and above)

  • Advanced players apply skills and strategies in a competitive/recreational environment.
  • Peer learning and self-directed learning with coaches as mentors and facilitators.
  • Focus areas: Team drills, game play, attacking and defending concepts, umpiring.

Why Choose The Netball Academy (TNA) for High-Quality Netball Training?  

Our academy stands out as a premier choice for high-quality netball training, founded on a vision of cultivating netball players with robust fundamental skills. With a mission centred on fostering thriving players, the academy excels in curating engaging programs beyond the court, providing holistic teachings in a safe and nurturing environment.

This academy is committed to inclusivity, ensuring that players of all skill levels are encouraged and celebrated. The emphasis on fun and play creates an enjoyable atmosphere that enhances the learning experience, making each session both educational and enjoyable. The academy imparts netball skills in line with their values of community, longevity, and empowerment. It instils values that extend far beyond the game, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth among its participants.

By choosing TNA, individuals gain access to top-notch coaching and become part of a supportive community that prioritises the joy of play, the spirit of inclusivity, and the empowerment of every player, creating a holistic netball training experience.


Embark on an exceptional netball journey with The Netball Academy (TNA), a beacon for high-quality training in Singapore. Our vision is to cultivate netball players equipped with robust fundamental skills to guide them through their sporting odyssey. At the heart of our mission is the dedication to nurturing thriving players, curating engaging programs, and providing holistic teachings in a safe and supportive environment. 

Grounded in inclusivity, fun, community, longevity, and empowerment, we are a premier choice for those seeking top-tier netball training. Elevate your game with our comprehensive and age-tailored programs to instil skills, strategy, and a love for the sport. Choose The Netball Academy for a transformative netball experience. Ready to make a slam dunk in your netball skills? Contact us now and become a part of our family.